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Friday, March 25, 2011

Randomly Generated Content

Here's a recipe for something that I generated using this random text generator.

I wonder how it would taste?

MOCHA CAKE Take a dinner, on a pork-bone from the salt. CARBONADE Put it into fine breadcrumbs, and more and their whites of white pepper, and below. Serve it cook them together in pepper and mix with paprika or shallot. A sprig of a pig's trotter. Let them on a puree, and cook for quarter of the tomatoes, but particularly

nutty flavor with pepper, salt, adding to roast veal that they must use for another person to the same size, clean enamel saucepan of cooking so as it cook gently. Take a useful for three hours before serving take some carrots sliced, instead and water; but not drop spoonfuls of milk boil, and, if you must have it is improved

calf's liver, put in a little nutmeg. RAGOUT OF BEEF SQUARES If you have soaked and cover them to cover down. You serve, with breadcrumbs, a pinch of the sliced finely. Simmer for a half of bacon. SPINACH AND WHITE SAUCE Even a pan and if so, pour the pieces (square) and meat at 8. Let it a calf's liver,

long-ways, and pepper, until they are done at your boiled in. It should be able to preserve the right. When it is called in a good pinch of milk and there. Put three or of tangerine orange curaçoa for a moderate oven. Then beat up with the whole pepper, salt, and if you have placed in a dish, mixing it

I dunno, man. I'm not quite sure how to "cook for quarter of the tomatoes", but I'll figure it out.


  1. "Put three or of tangerine orange curaçoa for a moderate oven."

    That part just lost me. I wish I could actually make an oven, instead of making stuff in one. x.x

  2. "Simmer for a half of bacon"

    wait wat

  3. hmm that looks like something nice to eat

  4. haha this was really clever man. "Let it a calf's liver" Confused!