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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why Was SGU Cancelled?

This is probably old news to some of you; StarGate Universe has been cancelled. The funny thing is, the actors didn't know until they read it on twitter.

A pretty low blow by the studio, to be honest. But the question is WHY did they cancel the show? it wasn't as good (in my opinion; they kinda boxed themselves in with the whole livin-on-a-dark-spaceship theme) as the previous shows, but it was alot different than the others as well. And they didn't have awful ratings, did they? Anyone care to share the real reason behind this cancellation? SyFy is pure shit? Now the channel can get more time showing wrestling and other completely non-related to science fiction stuff.



  1. Yeah it really sucks when some shows are cancelled :(

  2. thats sucks that thats how they found out

  3. I disagree, it was better than Atlantis I was into SGU

  4. Well 3 reasons; the show went too far to shove a pro gay agenda onto American audiences ( think about WWE/WWF wrestling fans; not open minded people you'll meet). Plus they're dealing with the definition of God something certain weak minded fundamentalists and atheists can't deal with without going insane on us. Finally it's hard to relate to the show because bring made in Canada it still emphasizes a mainly white cast with a few ethnic people in subservient roles, something US audiences tend to reject (is typical of Canadian society and tv shows). In short show manages to alienate every demographic group it supposed to serve. So no surprise that network sent the SGU team a clear message, choose wrestling over their show; an extra slap the face for not adapting to American audience needs.