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Friday, October 1, 2010

So I Got A New Bot

World of Warcraft; the devil. Playing it takes time and as we all know, wasting time can be boring and contra productive to the rest of your life. But there's a reason millions of people play it, it's hella addictive!

So to solve this puzzle, I resort to using bots to farm my gold. Most people can probably argue that getting gold is the most boring and also most time consuming thing you constantly need to do in WoW, unless you're a member of the Auction House High Roller Club, which I am regrettably not. And Cataclysm is coming, so gimme sum golds.

Anyway, I've used many bots throughout WoW's lifetime, I've had a few bans and I've made a few thousand gold so deciding for a bot and getting it set up wasn't too hard. I went with the strongest one on the market right now: Gather Buddy. There's a reason for that. I wasn't surprised about the ease of install and how neat it looked; so many users recommend it. The single and only negative thing I could find on it was that it uses injection. Yes, injection is bad. But I, and many other users, argue that if blizz wants to find you; they will, whether or not you are using a passive bot or not. The only real safe bet software wise is a truly private bot and I don't know anyone who runs one.

Anyway, after setting Gather Buddy up and pressing "Start Botting", I didn't run into a single problem. Good stuff. Back to slacking then.


  1. kind amusing tidbit ... google ads are supposed to be related to your page. there was an autotrader ad. :> relevant to me yes. your page ... dont think so. posted comment under wow as no where else to post. :D

  2. hehe, sometimes their automagical ads aren't so magical! :P